Matt Damon in Mykonos

Matt Damon, who is currently vacationing in Mykonos, expressed his desire to visit the legendary Sea Satin restaurant located beneath the iconic windmills, where the final scene of the captivating movie “The Bourne Identity” was filmed.

Matt Damon, along with a group of 20-25 people, including Hollywood’s new tough guy Chris Hemsworth, went to the Sea Satin owned by Zannis Frantzeskos and Sami Ibrahim and enjoyed Greek cuisine with exquisite seafood meze (lobsters and crabs). His presence at the restaurant, which opened its doors a few days ago, coincided with the 20th anniversary of the release of “The Bourne Identity.”

For the record, Matt Damon first visited Mykonos in May 2001 for the film’s shooting. The filming took place in various areas of the Cycladic island under utmost secrecy, with the final scene of the film unfolding at the idyllic taverna, Sea Satin. Damon, his co-star Franka Potente (Run Lola Run), and the crew stayed on the Cycladic island for several days until they achieved the desired result.

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Photo Credit: Protothema

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